3 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Takeaways

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Today, more than ever, organizations’ need their software to be productive. Consequently, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 delivers a business software that is modern and easy-to use.

Here are three Microsoft Dynamics CRM takeaways for your organization:

Don’t plod through your CRM.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a reimagined user experience that is simple, intuitive, and all about efficiency.

For instance, the new user experience allows CRM users to view everything in one spot. There are no pop-ups or flipping from various applications. Instead, the navigation spans the top of the screen and activities drop down with a single click. Take a look:

Your time is valuable.
We understand your time is valuable. Updated Microsoft Dynamics CRM has enhanced mobility and includes support for Windows 8.1, Android, and iPhones. Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a tablet-optimized web browser experience that adjusts for various screen shapes and resolutions – adding fluidity and flexibility for mobile employees. Ultimately, it will be easier for users to view Contact, Account, Lead, Opportunity, and Appointment information from their smart phones.

Make your organization memorable.
Nearly 2 billion people use social media. For instance, people use it to keep in touch with family and friends, share news, and connect with businesses. Therefore, it is essential for today’s organizations, like yours, to be part of the conversation and make your organization memorable in the sea of photos, Tweets, and videos.

How do you stay memorable in social media? Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 includes enhanced Microsoft Social Listening tools. Microsoft Social Listening allows your organization to see what people are saying about you and your products.

For example, use Microsoft Social Listening to enhance your organization’s customer support. Customers may use social channels to share their frustrations over products and services, such as Tweeting about a delayed shipment. With Microsoft Social Listening, your organization has the software and tools to filter through the social noise and respond to customers' complaints – resultantly, showing your customers you are listening and at the forefront of their concerns.

Expect to hear more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM services, and take a look at additional Microsoft Dynamics CRM features by visiting our Microsoft Dynamics CRM page.

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By Sikich, Chicago and St. Louis Microsoft Dynamics Partner, www.sikich.com.

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