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Sometimes, knowing the actual cost of a CRM system can be a guessing game. IT news is often littered with horror stories of organizations that thought they were going to spend thousands and ended up spending tens or even hundreds of thousands. CRM Software Blog would like to take some of that guesswork out of the equation for you with its Microsoft Dynamics CRM Quick Cost Estimate. With it you can get a good sense of how much it would cost to purchase, implement, and support Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Microsoft licenses its Dynamics CRM 2013 on-premises deployments using a Client Access License (CAL) Model. For each physical or virtual server instance of the software, you need a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2013 Server License. Then, for any device using it locally, you need a CAL. For external users, such as customers and suppliers, you do not need additional CALs, as they are covered by the Server License.


There are three levels of CALs, each offering varying degrees of user capabilities.

  • Professional      - complete service, sales, marketing and custom applications
  • Basic      - Basic CRM along with custom applications and reporting
  • Essential      - Access to custom applications


The value of licensing levels is that some users might need full "professional" access, whereas others may only need access to your very specific custom applications. You can save money on basic and essential users when possible.


The estimated U.S. retail price for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2013 is $4,922. A Professional CAL is $983. Basic CAL is $342, and Essential CAL is only $79.


You can calculate the cost of Microsoft Dynamics CRM licenses with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Quick Quote Price Estimate tool at You will get pricing for licenses, maintenance and estimated implementation costs for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. It is free and automated.


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