Top 5 Benefits for Businesses Working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 has been a great success with 93% fast user adoption.  Microsoft CRM truly offers efficiencies and benefits for many organisations using it.  Below are our top 5 features we believe will give many organisations a competitive advantage.


1.  The new interface

The new interface has been flattened so there are fewer pop ups – ensuring fewer mouse clicks and more productivity.  The ribbon has been replaced with a new command bar, and features like auto save will really save time.


2.  Processes

There is a new process feature called “process agility”.  It can be used to model any number of business processes and can be manipulated for your business.  The processes can be gated to ensure that one task in a process is completed before moving on to the next task…

All of this is done through an easy to use modelling tool.


3.  Licensing

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 comes new licensing.  Professional is the full standard license that will be suitable for most users, but there is also a Basic and Essential license.  Released with the spring wave is the Enterprise license which has some pretty amazing features such as a unified service desk, behaviour tracking, and engage tools.

These new licenses offer flexibility of cost and user capability.


4.  Social Listening

Social listening integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 really generates more engaging conversations, ensuring your people are more competitive.

It will ensure that your teams can:

  • Understand who they are dealing with – the person, the company, the structure
  • Identify why they would want to hear from you, thus ensuring relevancy
  • Give routes to connections with other companies.

Those people who are customer facing and understand the customer best are the most successful, and social listening really enables that engagement.

Did you know – social listening is free to organisations subscribed to Microsoft CRM Online with 10 or more professional level users.  Those customers using on premise or hosted solutions can add Microsoft Social Listening for an additional fee per user per month.


5.  Real Time Workflow

One of the great new features in Microsoft CRM 2013 is the ability to create real time workflows – also referred to as synchronous.

Microsoft CRM 4 and 2011 both have workflows that can be run; however creating synchronous workflows needed javascript to facilitate this.

In Microsoft CRM 2013 using real time workflows means that an automatic workflow can be run before or after a triggering event that is set.


Author :

Catherine Carlyle, Caltech CRM


About Caltech

Caltech CRM is a leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Caltech CRM specialises in implementing, developing, and integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM.   Caltech helps clients to grow, achieve higher rates of client satisfaction, and make their processes more efficient by designing and building a CRM solution that is aligned to their individual needs.

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