The History of CRM: A Consultant’s Perspective – Part Two

In the first part of this post I presented the first 5 chapters of the evolution of CRM from my own perspective. This second and final part of the history of CRM will take you through the next five milestones I thought were important!



CRM Software evolved in such a way that it was possible to leverage the flexibility and strengths of the application to support non CRM related business processes - This was the invention of the xRM concept. Over the years I personally designed and implemented an equal number of XRM and CRM solutions.



Accessing CRM through a mobile device is now something we take for granted but ten years ago this was a revolution! I remember my first mobile CRM Implementation: difficult, lengthy, complex, expensive… Now, we just have to activate it.



Online CRM Solutions have been part of the landscape for a while now. If only a few players offered a “cloud based” CRM a few years ago, nearly all software editors offer cloud based CRM to their customers now. Subscription based CRM allows business lines managers, executives, and non-IT personnel to lead their CRM Implementations without having to worry about infrastructure and technical related challenges.


Social Media

Making the link between a CRM database and Social Media platforms opens a whole new world of possibilities. It is now possible to listen as well as manage social interactions using CRM as a centralised hub for enterprises to use.



User adoption has always been a challenge for any software. Misuse of CRM or no use of the application is one of the causes of project failures. Gamification involves using the application in a fun and playful manner. Earning badges by generating CRM data or just by interacting with other users enhances the CRM experience.



by XRM Vision

XRM Vision is a leading Canadian Microsoft Dynamics CRM Silver Partner specializing in building CRM & XRM solutions.Over the years XRM Vision team has been behind some of the most significant CRM implementations in Quebec.

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