Targeting the Right Prospects with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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I answered the phone yesterday to a telemarketer selling SalesForce. Being that we utilize and sell Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we obviously weren't a good fit for their sales call. The call got me to thinking about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and how it helps us to target the right prospects and give a more specific message to those we do reach out to.

In each company’s record in Dynamics CRM, we have the ability to track not only the basic information about them (location, address, contacts, website, phone, etc) but we can also categorize them by type of business and what their needs are. Through the Advanced Find feature, we can search for a list of prospects that fit specific criteria for the marketing campaign that we have planned.

Using Dynamics CRM, we also track the complete history that we’ve had with each company. In one look, I can see which emails or mailings we have sent, if they opened the email or clicked through, which events they have attended, the last time I talked with them, and more. That information is critical when you are making sales calls. Having the advanced history of your relationship with a prospective customer and knowing what their business does can make or break a potential sale. 

by DFC Consultants, A Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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