Social CRM Only For The Big Guys?

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In June 2010, Gatorade launched its MissionControl. Comparable to Houston’s ground control, this program allowed Gatorade to tune in to the sentiments of consumers by performing social networks listening.


The following video is a testimony of the multiple and sophisticated utility and productivity tools used by Gatorade team to measure and confirm the impact of a campaign, allowing them to adjust their strategies.


Although this concept is quite spectacular, do not let it intimidate you. Thanks to technologies available today, companies can afford to keep track of their social footprint. Social listening allows us to observe tendencies and modify strategies. If a client is displeased with an initiative and posts his opinion on social Medias we can react accordingly.


A ”small steps” strategy could start by connecting the company's CRM and its social Medias. In today's world, this type of connection can be done very easily without the usage of complex coding or custom development.


Subscription based utility Azuqua, is a tool that facilitates connection between CRM and social Medias platforms. Azuqua’s engine allows keeping track of social opinions. As an example using Azuqua you could connect a Twitter profile, a Facebook page, and a professional LinkedIn profile to your CRM in a way that would allow prompt social reaction using your CRM.


Microsoft recently announced Netbreeze and Marketing Pilot integration in Dynamics CRM 2013. In 2014 Social listening will come out of the box with a specific subscription.


Although not all businesses have the same financial means as Gatorade, many benefits can still be achieved through simple and affordable social CRM initiative. In 2014 social CRM strategies and technologies will no longer be only for the big guys.


Contact us at XRM Vision. Our team will be delighted to discuss social CRM with you. Our experts will guide you both in defining strategies and implementing solutions.

By XRM Vision

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