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Marketing and sales managers often have a weekly meeting with their teams to discuss marketing campaigns, sales figures, customer concerns, and provide updates on budgets or spending.  The next time you meet, add an agenda item and discuss implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.  This type of business technology can streamline marketing and sales activities and encourage greater communication outside of the standard weekly meeting.

Most businesses would suggest that sales professionals should be spending time with their customers, whether that be on the phone, at customer offices, at conferences or seminars, or even over lunch.  If your sales team spends a fair share of their time outside the office, how difficult is it to get them in the office to update files or software and still set aside time for an internal meeting?  Compounding that challenge is the ability to get information from a customer meeting back to the office in a timely manner to update customer files, fulfill orders, or fine-tune marketing efforts.  Instead of scheduling more meetings, it may be a good time to update your technology.

A robust CRM solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, can streamline data sharing and support your sales and marketing teams, whether they are located inside or outside the office.  You and your team can enter customer data such as contact information, product specifications or requirements, preferred methods of delivery, and other information you want to have handy.  Using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet your sales team can enter new orders, check on the status of existing orders, or look up other information that your customers may need.  Since all of your customer data is located within a single CRM solution, instead of scattered throughout the office in files or on your teams’ desktop computers, managers can monitor sales activities and customer data in real time.  You can check on regional sales, specific product sales, or sales by team or individual.  You can then use that data to meet strategic goals and create meaningful marketing campaigns.

Reduce the need for long, inefficient weekly meetings by implementing better technology.  Support your sales team efforts, whether they are located in the office or are busy meeting with customers, with CRM.  Contact Sherwood Systems to learn how CRM can streamline sales and marketing efforts and improve communication and collaboration better than the standard weekly meeting.


By Sherwood Systems, Microsoft CRM Partner out of Arizona

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