Location Analytics for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Location function is now included in the solution Dynamics Workflows. The Location function is additional workflow that updates the coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) of any CRM entity, based on the relevant address fields of the record. The workflow returns Latitude and Longitude as decimal values, as well as distance (Miles & KM) between two locations and the bearing (direction) when moving from location A to location B.

Here are some applications

-          Companies providing services can use the distance from office to client site to charge for traveling cost.

-          Assign case to service centre closer to the client submitting the case

-          Direct customers to the nearest shop

The benefit of using a workflow rather than a map is that data can be objectively and accurately calculated and stored. For example, you can create a simple report that finds all Accounts that the Distance field of the record is between Distance 2 and Distance 1 AND the Bearing field is between Bearing 2 and Bearing 1


Such reports are applicable for:

-          Creating sales and service territories based on distance and bearing

-          Automatically assign new Account to a territory

-          Find how many customer service representatives are available to serve a territory


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