How Many Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Updated 2014

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At Convergence 2014 it was announced that 40,000 companies use Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Which is 4 million individual Dynamics CRM users.

This is a customer count increase of 2.6 percent and a user increase of 33 percent over 2013.

2015: Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 40,000+ companies (4.4 million users)
2014: Microsoft   Dynamics® CRM 40,000   companies (4 million users)
2013: Microsoft   Dynamics® CRM 39,000   companies (3 million users)

CRM cust increase

After a major architectural overhaul of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in 2013, Microsoft had some other positive statistics to report:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Stats:

  • Double digit growth for 38 quarters
  • Forrester and Nucleus CRM, Gartner Sales Leader
  • Fast release adoption rate: 93%  of online customers using Dynamics CRM 2013
  • 80% Dynamics CRM Online Growth
  • Last 6 months doubled net seats adds in Dynamics CRM Online

CRM users

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And of course, Microsoft announced new Dynamics CRM capabilities and pricing for Spring 2014.

Interested in using Dynamics CRM so we can add you to our count next year?

You can calculate the current price of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 at This free, automated tool will show you the cost of license, maintenance and estimated implementation fees for both Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and On-Premise. It will be updated with new pricing in Spring 2014. Request your budgetary quick quote today.

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  1. Thanks for the stats. We have our self seen a lot of positive growth within last 2 years which suggest Dynamics CRM is growing at a rapid rate.

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