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Gaining the intel necessary to execute a successful marketing campaign is not always the easiest CRM task.  This is compounded when creating a campaign where geo-specific research of your existing database is required in order to see what contacts are located in a certain area.  The most common solution is to rely on zip codes, but those are not always reliable, and can be too broad, as even small cities can have a large number of zip codes.  InfoGrow understands your pain and has developed CRM Market Builder to make a marketer’s job easier.  Now you can use maps to select a specific geographic location and find all the contacts within that area, and the best part is it can be completed in a few minutes, not hours or days.

CRM Market Builder provides marketers with a deeper understanding of their market share.  So rather than deciding upon a location for a campaign and later discovering what contacts are in the vicinity, you can build a campaign around suspects and prospects – thus making the task of building campaigns more efficient and reducing cost and time requirements, leaving more time to focus on the content and execution of the plan.

CRM Market Builder isn’t just for marketers; sales managers can use the tool for a deeper understanding of sales territories.  They can optimize territories and better plan assignments for their reps.  It also allows for a more comprehensive understanding of how to best serve your clients with better service capacity plans.

If you want to see CRM Market Builder in action, and get rid of your marketing planning headaches, watch the video.

by InfoGrow

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