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While working with a client, we made an interesting discovery.  They had lost the button on the subgrid on some of their entities.  This button will pop-out the associated view for the related entity in question. Picture below, it is the one that when hovered over, displays "See the records associated with this view."


When we were working on the navigation on the form for Account, (though this would be the case on any entity) they had removed many of the related entities.  Their theory was that they were displaying the data within a subgrid on the form, so they could reduce clutter on the navigation of the related entities.  The unintended consequence of some of these removals was that it also removes the button noted above.

The ensuing search on Bing was filled with entries regarding the behavior of the + button on subgrids and wasn't germane to the problem we had.  Finally we stumbled across the following link by Jason Lattimer : http://community.dynamics.com/crm/b/jasonlattimersblog/archive/2013/10/29/context-sensitive-sub-grid-commands-in-crm-2013.aspx which effectively describes the issue we had encountered. We give full credit to Jason for his excellent write up on this problem.

The easiest way to determine if you are having a similar issue is the following (we will use Contact on the Account form as the example, but this could easily be translated for other subgrids on other forms) :

1. Open an account using the form that you have the subgrid for contacts on.

2. Pull down the Related Records view from the dropdown next to the particular account as pictured below.


3. If the related entity is NOT listed, that is likely your subgrid problem.

To resolve the issue, you will open the form in question from your solution or the default solution.

1. Open the form and click on Navigation as pictured below:


2. Once you have selected that, the Side Navigation bar becomes available and the right side available to pick the relationships from.  Here is a screenshot to show you that view:


To summarize, the resolution to the disappearance of the button and functionality was to add the related entities back on the navigation within the form.

By Customer Effective, A Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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