Do You Provide a Customer Experience Worth Blogging About?

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Industry Buttons from Dynamics ERP EventToday I had to reorder a batch of buttons I had purchased 2 years ago. I remembered the website and found the old invoice in my email archive. But that was about it. I was honestly dreading the thought of starting the whole design and order process from scratch and considered just scraping the whole idea. Would anyone really notice if I didn’t give away industry buttons at my next Dynamics user event? Probably not. But I was pleasantly surprised and the buttons were saved.

I initiated Live Chat on the website and explained my situation. This is my old order number and that is all I have.

I admit my expectations where not high. I often find that using Live Chat can be painful because the reps are overly polite and waste time without really being able to provide me with the information I need. Or I have to wait so long for their answers that I get distracted and the session times out.   But in this case it was quick and efficient and so much more convenient for me than picking up the phone.

Within seconds, the rep was able to pull up the details of my last order and confirm my contact information. Then she emailed me a link to the new invoice. I filled in the credit card information, pressed submit and I was done, while we were still on Live Chat.  The whole process probably took no more than 5 minutes and was the most painless customer service transactions I have had in a long time.

The rep even told me that the bulk discount she could give me was more than the coupon code I had quickly found online as we were chatting. Amazing.

All in all, the experience was so surprising, it was worth telling others about.

What is Pure Buttons using for a CRM system? 

I don’t know. And as an end customer, I really don’t need to know. All I care about is the results.

And that is what your customers should say about you.

This company was able to:

  • Quickly find my order history.
  • Quickly able to access to my old files.
  • Quickly able to update my contact information.
  • Quickly able to email me a new electronic invoice for me to approve and submit.

Can your company do that for your customers?

You can use Dynamics CRM to deliver this kind of amazing customer experience. But your customers don’t need to know that. All they need to know is that you can quickly give them the information they need.

So think about it, what kind of experience do your customers have on Live Chat? Or when they call on the phone? Is it something worth blogging about?

Kudos to for providing an amazing customer experience.


By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics Partner,

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