CRM 2013: Social Insights

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I recently attended a CRMUG Ask the Experts webinar about leveraging Social Insights in Dynamics CRM 2013. It was the second session in a series of seven, which will all be focusing on the new "Social Insights" feature that is new for Dynamics CRM 2013.

Now, to be honest, I hadn't really heard anything about this new feature. But, I have to say after viewing this webinar, I was really excited about digging in and learning more about all the possibilities this could bring to a company.

With the rise of social media, Social Insights seems to be on the right-track with using all of the information available on various social media sites and making it work beneficially as an asset for your company. Here are some of the main features of Social Insights:

  • Enrich records and keep your data updated with accurate real-time information about companies and contacts with the one-click sync in CRM
  • Quickly qualify and route leads with accurate company information found on various websites and news articles found online
  • Get alerts about sales opportunities by tracking your prospects with a watch list, which can send you daily email alerts about important business events
  • Prepare for customer calls by scanning company insights and social buzz, such as online blogs and company Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Get your prospects' attention with access to professional and social profiles from sites, such as LinkedIn
  • Discover upsell and cross-sell opportunities by monitoring your customers across the web

You can get more information about Social Insights here: In addition, there is a great FAQ document that also provides some useful information:

And, if you haven't already, I would recommend watching for the additional upcoming CRMUG sessions on Social Insights. It will definitely be worth your time!

Written By Kris Berger, QA Development Lead at Rockton Software, a Microsoft Dynamics Add-On Partner.

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