Comparing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Licensing Types

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When you decide to subscribe to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, you will need to understand the various licensing schemes.  Each benefits a certain type of organization with specific needs, and in many cases, a single organization might need more than one of the licensing types for their users. These prices reflect the current cost for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online licensing.


First it is important to understand how online licensing differs from typical on-premises Dynamics CRM licensing. Dynamics CRM Online provides organizations with User Subscription Licenses (USL) and licenses for external users. USLs are for internal use and are assigned based on "named users". Each user must have a USL, and users cannot share USLs. External users, including customers and suppliers, may access Dynamics Online through your company without USLs.


There are three levels of USL: Essential, Basic, and Professional.


Professional is recommended when you need access to all Dynamics CRM features, including administration access, customer service automation, marketing campaigns, sales automation, reporting dashboards and visualizations, and more.


Basic includes reporting, contacts, custom data and activity management available in Professional but does not include the administrative or marketing features.


Essential is lightweight and offers custom access via desktop or mobile like the others but does not include any advanced features beyond activity management.


As you can see, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online licensing system is not overly complex, but it does require a bit of planning. You will also need to factor in add-ons, support, and any extra storage you might need.


You can find out the price of Microsoft Dynamics CRM licenses with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Quick Quote Cost Estimate tool at You will get pricing for licenses, maintenance, and estimated implementation costs for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. It is free and automated.


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