Barcode Scanning and Inventory Management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM | Video

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By Barkley Busby
Vice President, 2B Solutions, Inc

If you are like most of our customers, you have specific needs around inventory management.  You need mobile barcode scanners in the warehouse and a database system to track the information that is scanned.  This probably includes vital inventory details like inventory quantities and location (bin location or shelf location).  This could also include complex, but essential details like gridded items or serialized items.  You need a CRM software that can manage these details along with other vital business information like orders and customers.  We hear it all the time…. “There is not an off the shelf product that works the way our business works.”  You do not want to change your processes to match the software.  You need a solution that is flexible enough to manage all aspects of your business including customers, inventory details, business process automation, etc.  We understand these needs and have helped customers just like you.

For example, watch this video highlighting one of our warehouse customers.  They use rugged barcode scanners in each of their eleven warehouses to receive and transfer inventory.

They needed a centralized database and integrated barcode scanners that would help them manage all aspects of their business including their inventory.    Our customized Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution gave them the ability to track the inventory in all locations.  Reporting and ordering is no longer impossible and they truly have real-time visibility into their inventory and operations.  Dynamics CRM is so much more than a traditional “CRM system”.  It is a development platform that can be extended far beyond what you can imagine.  We added many fields to the existing entities, changed the name of entities and created more entities so that they are tracking every single piece of information that is fundamental to the success of their business.

You can start managing your inventory NOW with our WIMS for CRM product.  Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel.  We have a product that has the pieces built in for inventory management but is still customizable.   As experts in mobility solutions as well as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we will help you achieve your strategic objectives faster…and may even help you add a few more achievements to the list.

2B Solutions, Inc. specializes in Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM), iOS development, and mobile applications.  Take a look at our case studies and customer testimonials.  Get started today and we'll provide you and your team with a live demonstration and free 30-day trial.  There is no risk.  Don’t wait – contact us today via our website or just pick up the phone and call 205-408-9991 or toll free at 866-408-9991.

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  1. Hello,

    I have been looking for an inventory management system with bar code scanner and remote access viewing. As we are switching to outlook, I believe a windows based application may be perfect for us. I was wondering if you do any demos of your product. Please feel free to call or email


    John Wantulok
    office 406-388-2029
    Cell 224-234-4200

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