2D Product Configuration for Microsoft Dynamics

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At Microsoft Dynamics Convergence conference in Atlanta, we unveiled our advanced configure-price-quote feature called Interactive 2D Designer. It's a dynamic, interactive product configuration feature that fully integrates into Microsoft Dynamics.

On the Convergence showroom floor, a number of Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers that sell configurable, multi-option, and customizable products were excited to provide this dynamic solution to its buyers, partners, and sales staff. They expressed that it will increase user adoption, stimulate engagement, and enhance the ordering experience.

End-to-End CPQ Solution!

Imagine that you have to build/design three audio racks for your business.  Each rack serves a unique purpose, so all three will be configured with different products. You have full reigns in the design but your manager needs to review and approve prior to purchase.

How do you build the audio rack with the appropriate parts/products, collect the final cost, see a visual representation, and export this information prior to ordering?

With Powertrak 2D Interactive Designer, you're equipped with tools to...

  • construct the audio rack by dragging-and-dropping parts/products into a virtual environment.
  • add or subtract parts/products on the fly.
  • move or rearrange parts/products within the virtual environment.
  • see a real-time visual representation of the configured audio rack.
  • monitor the cost to determine if it's within budget.

Once satisfied with the configuration, click 'Next' to generate the quote and forward it to your manager for final approval.

Avoid Human Error! Rules and Guides

Behind the scenes, rules are in place to limit where specific parts/products can be placed (based on the recommendations of the seller). For example, users are prevented from placing the audio system into the rack rendering prior to placing a shelf. Logically, this makes sense because in real life the audio system doesn't float! First, you'll need to add a shelf, then place the audio system on top.  In addition, there are other rules such as 'collision detection' to prevent two items going into the same space.

Guides help place products in appropriate locations within the 2D rendering. One feature called the 'attachment point rule set' identifies the appropriate locations (highlighted in green) where the selected audio product from the catalog can be placed into the interactive interface. In addition, the 'snap-to-connection' guide automatically identifies the closest available spot and snaps the product into place.

Together, rules and guides eliminate human error. It confirms that the selected audio system fits into rack space and allows no other products except for the shelf to be placed below and vent panel directly above the audio system, per manufacturer's parameters.

As a result, the buyer is confident that his/her order follows manufacturer's recommendations and guidelines.

2D configurator for Microsoft Dynamics
2D configurator for Microsoft Dynamics

Side note: Internal sales access the product configurator in Microsoft Dynamics whereas external partners, resellers, and customers build orders via Powertrak Portal.

by Axonom, ISV, the developer of Powertrak software for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. www.axonom.com

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