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XRM Vision and CRM blogMy team and I at XRM Vision have been blogging for a few months now. Even if our clientele is composed of English and French speaking people all of our articles were originally published only in French. But we are customer relationship professionals; we knew that we had to do something about this.


So for the benefit of our clients and to promote our services on a broader scale we’ve decided that our blog posts would be bilingual and therefore all articles would be published both in English and French. Many thanks to Anya Ciecierski ERP/CRM Software Blog Editor for the insights and help.


The following post tells the tale of the genesis of our blog. Happy reading!


In October 2006, I started blogging on a personal level. At the time, I was involved in a cooperation project based in Sri Lanka. A friend of mine Sylvain Tremblay suggested: “Felix, you should write blog articles and share your experience with us in Canada”.


I have many friends worldwide and I thought this idea was pretty cool. After all I am a CRM guy; I like to engage with my relatives and friends. Having quickly put the technological component into place, I was delighted to have a setting that stimulated my writing sense.


The purpose of this introduction, is to present another blog project. On a professional level, my company XRM Vision launched the French version of its blog a few months ago and I am proud to announce the launch of the English version of the blog.


My colleagues and I will share the important moments of our organization as well as our passion for customer relationship management (CRM). Please visit us regularly and feed us with your comments – XRM Vision opens the social discussion!


Food for thought: Do you believe that social media will cause blogs to become obsolete?


byFelix Robitaille CEO, XRM Vision


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XRM Vision is a leading Canadian Microsoft Dynamics CRM Silver Partner specializing in building CRM & XRM solutions.Over the years XRM Vision team has been behind some of the most significant CRM implementations in Quebec.


For further information email info@xrmvision.com or visit our website.

by XRM Vison

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