Win-Win-Win Strategy for Dynamics CRM Customers, Consultants & Dynamics Objects

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With the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, the cost of implementing CRM is lower, compared with the cost of CRM on premise, and smaller organizations can now afford implementing CRM to manage sales, marketing and services.

Since the introduction of CRM 2011 and the ability to manage (import and remove) solutions in CRM, there are endless possibilities, not just in customizing forms and creating new workflows, but more importantly, in designing complete business solutions in CRM or integrating Dynamics CRM with other products and website portals. Dynamics CRM is not a software product as such. Dynamics CRM is a platform that can “host” solutions from same or different Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and they all work in harmony on one Dynamics CRM platform (xRM).

Many business owners purchasing CRM are not aware to the potential of implementing their own business processes, currently manually performed using Excel, Access, accounting software or other standalone software programs, and automate these processes in Dynamics CRM or integrate their website to allow access to CRM database to customers, suppliers and employees.

On the other hand, there are business consulting firms, accountants, IT service providers and others that have good knowledge of their client’s business and basic understanding of Dynamics CRM, but they do not have the resources and in-depth knowledge of CRM to design, customize and implement CRM solutions for their clients. With this idea in mind, Dynamics Objects has now released a win-win-win strategy for the consultant, the customer and Dynamics Objects. As referral partner we work closely with the consultant and the customer to understand the customer’s business needs and processes and to implement Dynamics CRM across all business units.

Where do we go from here?
As a business owner, if you have already implemented Dynamics CRM, but you don’t feel you are getting the most out of your investment in CRM, but you do have a consultant, accountant or IT service provider that are familiar with your business, let’s work together to better integrate CRM in your business. If you don’t have such consultant, please contact us and select one from our experienced partners and let’s get started.

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