Simple Business Card Capture Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

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We often run across the need to do a simple business card capture with a mobile device and have it sync into Microsoft CRM.  Using some popular mobile apps along with Microsoft Outlook, this can be done in a few simple steps.

First, Get an App.  I used an iPhone/iPad app called ScanBizHD. It is available in iOs, Windows and Android.  It costs 9.99 from any app store.

It should not require any additional set-up other than installation.  The paid version lets you sync directly with the contacts on your phone, which in my case was synced with Exchange.

Step 1:  Take a picture.  Using the app, hit the ‘+’ button which will allow you to take a picture, or access existing photos.


Step 2:  Save to Address Book.  After taking the picture, you should be able to visually see if you have any errors or omissions on the transferred contact data.  In my tests, the app could get about 95% or the data I needed.

Using the ‘Save to Address Book’ button, decide where you want it to go.  I selected Contacts (Exchange), but any xxxx (Exchange) would work.

Step 3: Open Outlook and Track in CRM.  Since the contact was already added to Exchange, it was in my Outlook contacts almost immediately.  Once in Outlook, I can simply track in CRM.  When I had a quantity of contacts, I sorted by the ‘Modified’ date in my Outlook view, and did a multi-select ‘Track in CRM’.

imageby Customer Effective

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