Sales Configurator Benefits for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users

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Top 5 Benefits of a Sales Configurator

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 customers that sell products and/or services require a configure-price-quote solution to streamline the quote-to-order process. A sales configurator is used to guide buyers and sales professionals through a quick, simple, step-by-step process to create a quote or complete an order.

At its core, a sales configurator simplifies the complexity of selling multiple products and/or services for internal sales professionals or even external partners and customers. Aside from its root benefit, let's examine the next 5 benefits organizations receive from a sales configurator...

1. Operational Unity 
A properly designed sales configurator ensures that IT, sales, production, and management have clearly established a standard, uniform process from order intake to delivery. In doing so, the order information seamlessly flows across the entire business and all necessary teams know what they’re supposed to do and when.

Key Takeaway - achieve operational excellence!


2. Keep your Sales Team on the Same Page
Prevent your sales professionals from going rogue by providing invalid estimates, inaccurate pricing, or incorrect product combinations. Powertrak Sales Configurator enables the sales professional to guide the buyer through a series of questions (set by management) to ensure the right products or services are sold at the correct prices.

Key Takeaway - increase efficiency, eliminate redundancy, and reduce errors!


3. Accuracy
A business rules engine eliminates human errors and ensures all quotes and orders are accurate. This key component drives logic, constraints, and options in a configuration model. As a result, the directed questions, prompts, and suggestions, give buyers comfort that they're purchasing the correct products at the correct prices.

Key Takeawayreduce human errors, provide accurate quotes and orders!


4. Speed
Complex configurations with a ton of variables slows down the sales process. Make your sales team more productive with a solution to generate quotes and orders without flipping through catalogs or pricing sheets.

Key Takeawayeliminate manual processes, sell more, sell faster


5. Sell Anywhere
Integrate the sales configurator into a web portal to extend the sales process from anywhere in the world. Impress the buyer by presenting a quote within minutes at their office!

Key Takeaway - mobile quotes and orders, greater opportunity to close the sale


The Quote and Order Automation Solution for Microsoft Dynamics Customers - "Build It, Buy It"

Powertrak Sales Configurator is a configure-price-quote solution that is designed to help Microsoft Dynamics' customers sell customized products, build complex quotes, and simplify orders, 24x7x365! Powertrak streamlines the selling and service of configurable products and orders for organizations around the world.

Business Solutions Served: Product Configuration, Quote Generation, eCommerce (web shopping cart), Guided Selling, and Sales Configuration

Evaluating a Quote and Product Configurator? Contact us to request a private or group demonstration and discover what makes Powertrak different from the other configurators on the market!

By Axonom.  The global manufacturer of Powertrak software for Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers.

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