New Features with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Big things are coming with 2014’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM release.

Microsoft announced the release of new additions to its Microsoft Dynamics CRM software. These features will arrive alongside the next Microsoft Dynamics CRM release in the second quarter of 2014. Three components available with Dynamics CRM’s upcoming release include Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, Social Listening, and Unified Service Desk.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing
Initially, Microsoft only provided a connector to MarketingPilot but gave it a complete overhaul and created Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing added marketing automation functionality to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, while still feeling like Microsoft’s core CRM application.

Dynamics Marketing features a visual campaign designer tailored for integrated marketing campaigns with improved lead scoring and management capabilities. Likewise, Dynamics Marketing allows marketers to put together ad purchases and content placements across multiple channels, track ongoing analytics, and easily make changes to campaigns. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is an add-on service to Dynamics CRM, either online or onsite.

Microsoft Social Listening
To help sales and marketers gain insight and effectively engage with customers, Dynamics CRM will include a social media monitoring software called Microsoft Social Listening. Microsoft Social Listening is based on software acquired by buying NetBreeze. Microsoft Social Listening enables Dynamics CRM users to track crowd feedback of brands, products, services, and competitors across a variety of social channels. Microsoft Social Listening is offered as part of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online professional license at no additional cost.

Unified Service Desk
Unified Service Desk is based on technology from Parature, Microsoft’s most recent acquisition. Unified Service Desk is designed for support call center workers who deal with high volumes of inbound inquiries. It will yield information from CRM systems, and other sources, into a single view. The product will work with cloud-based and onsite versions of Dynamics CRM.|

All components are built to help businesses engage with and care for customers more effectively. Expect to hear more about Microsoft CRM’s new services and get ready to be amazed by the value they’ll deliver. Take a look at additional Microsoft Dynamics CRM features by visiting our Microsoft Dynamics CRM page.

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by Sikich

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