Make Sure Your CRM Project Does Not Fail

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When implementing a new CRM system, you should always keep in mind this simple rule:  your new system will fail if end users don’t like using it. It’s true. No matter how good your planning was, or how detailed your requirements are, if in the end users aren’t using it, you will have a poor set of data in your CRM system. And a poor set of data is of little value.

Microsoft CRM 2013 has gone a long way towards solving that issue, by making sure that the user experience is clean, information is delivered on one screen, and data can be entered quickly and easily. But beyond the software & planning, there are some things an organization can do to make sure end users will embrace the newly implemented solution

Try to name your project something other than CRM

Rightly or wrongly, the initials “CRM” may have a bad ring to some. Many systems that have come out in years past were difficult to use and created more work for end users. Think about what you are trying to accomplish and incorporate that into the name – Client Services Management, Sales Pipeline Management, etc.

Get the word out on early success

If someone in your organization is having success early on, make sure others know about it. Others will see new ways of using the system, or at a minimum, see that it can be beneficial.

Stay top of mind throughout the roll out

Make sure that companywide communications are talking about the project. This is especially true coming from management. Make sure users are appraised of the progress,  and continue to remind people in your organization why this project is being undertaken

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By Intellitec Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner serving Delaware

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  1. At first, make a research and analyse the CRMs available in the market. A very good CRM can be a bad choice for your business model and requirements. Selection of vendor plays a vital role in your crm success. User acceptance decides the success of the CRM implementation. Don't force the users, as it create resistance. Explain the users that how this can increase the productivity, how it can beneficial to the users as well as the organization, how it can increase the overall quality of the task and more.

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