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Running a business is about more than just surviving – it is about succeeding.  For many organizations, Dynamics CRM has not been seen as a useful tool in that effort.  InfoGrow intends on changing that view starting from the top.

You invested in Dynamics CRM so it would become one of the primary tools that you and your team could use to drive growth.  InfoGrow is committed to showing you how that is possible, by providing you a forum for top level management insight.  In this seminar series we will share the strategies  for getting the most out of your CRM to help you take your organization to the next level.

CRM for Success is monthly webinar series.  This series is exclusively, for CEOs, CMOs, and CSOs.  Each month we will provide you with the management insight necessary for maximizing the expected benefits of CRM.  We stay on point and keep the sessions short.  CRM for Success is offered every third Thursday of each month at 1:00 p.m.  EST and will last 30 minutes.  Each installment focuses on one key issue,  plus we allow time for Q&A on the CRM topic presented or any other CRM question you may have.

Last month, we kicked off the series with Goal Monitoring – Key Performance Indicators.  You can view the recording here.

We know that you are committed to success and strive to grow your organization.  We will show you how to leverage Dynamics CRM in that effort.

Be sure to sign up for this month’s installment which will focus on The Digital Pulse of a Customer’s Health.  It will cover opportunities, orders, and cases, as well as, leads, quotes, and service activities.

by InfoGrow

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