Happy Customers Are Good Customers

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You strive to provide customers with high-quality products and personalized services.  A satisfied customer is more likely to be a long-term customer.  However, are you sure that your customers are satisfied?  Be sure to collect the right feedback and customer data to ensure that your products and services are meeting their needs by implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

Every now and then you may get an email from a sales representative indicating that a customer was pleased with your products or customer service, or maybe they were not.  You may also discuss customer comments or responses to your products or services during weekly update meetings.  Although helpful, this data isn’t exactly useful in this context.  Keeping notes or using ‘gut feelings’ isn’t reliable enough to monitor customer satisfaction levels or to create goals aimed at improving customer service.  You need to capture this type of data in a CRM solution so that you can actually use it to make a difference.

A robust CRM solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, can provide a 360 degree view of customer interactions from their initial contact, through product purchase, and post-sales feedback.  Your sales team, for example, can enter customer preferences into the CRM solution so you can be sure to provide the specific products that they want in a timely manner.  You can include detailed information such as product specifications, delivery requirements, and other customer-specific options.  With this type of data at your fingertips, you can watch for trending customer behaviors and position yourself to meet those needs.  For example, customers that are happy with your products will buy them again.  You may identify common replenishment orders, which will enable you to save money when buying inventory early or in bulk.  You can keep your customers happy by having the items that they want in stock, thereby reducing the chance for stock-outs or backorders, a source of frustration for your customers.  

You can also use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to collect other customer interactions and feedback received through call centers and even through social media or online conversations.  With a direct line to detailed customer feedback, you can tap into the data you need and use it to further improve your products or services. 

Listen in to what your customers are saying and use this information to keep them satisfied with your products and services.  Contact Sherwood Systems for more ways to use CRM to keep your customers happy.

By Sherwood Systems, a Microsoft CRM Partner out of Arizona

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