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Microsoft Dynamics CRM has several free mobility options including a solutions for Windows and iOS devices. Support for Android devices is expected early in 2014. Despite the “free” cost, we recommend that our clients deploy the FieldBoss mobile client built using Resco Mobile CRM technologies. There are three main reasons for this:

  1. Limited functionality -  Microsoft mobile options do not necessarily expose all the functionality available to users who use CRM from a browser or Outlook. In most cases, this limitation means that users are unable to do their jobs properly because they do not have access to the customizations made for them. The Resco solution allows for full role based usability because all customizations are exposed.
  2. Limited offline capability – The Microsoft mobile apps permit view only access to records when in offline mode. The Resco based solution allows users to fully work with records when offline. This is significant for users who like to update CRM while travelling or for field staff who work in locations with limited internet connectivity.
  3. Return on Investment – Despite being free, the Microsoft Mobile apps do not offer any meaningful return on investment because user productivity improvements are negligible. Because Resco Mobile CRM allows users to do their jobs as effectively as when they are in the office, the nominal monthly fee is more than recovered through increased sales or service revenue activities that are enabled on user mobile devices.

For more information on FieldBoss and Resco Mobile CRM, please contact us.

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