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Convert Formatted incoming Email to New record of Any Dynamics CRM Entity

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Almost any commercial website provides a form to register an interest in products or services and the contact details of the person submitting the form are delivered as an Email to the organization and manually entered as new record in Dynamics CRM.

Dynamics Email2Entity can convert formatted incoming Emails to new records of any Dynamics CRM entity (customized or out of the box). As an example, we use DotNetNuke as website portal. When a user submits a form on our website, requesting product demonstration, the body of the email is formatted like that:

Name: John Smith
Email Address:
Company Name: J.S.B LLP
Telephone: 961-454-3777

In this example the colon (:) is used as separator and Dynamics Email2Entity will create a new record such as Lead or Demo in CRM, populated with the above 4 fields. Up to 10 different fields can be delivered & converted in one Email, with variety of separators to choose.

You can download a free trial of Dynamics Email2Entity from:

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