Better Business Decisions with Maps Inside CRM

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Maps have always been important to us, they show us the way.  Mapping inside of Dynamics CRM goes a step further by showing your users the way to make better business decisions.  Sales reps will know who they should be calling next and marketers will have a better understanding of who to target – making understanding your market share an intuitive exercise.

It is easier than you think for your users to harness the benefits that mapping provides.  From simply having a better understanding of your data to making better, more-informed business decisions – maps have the power to transform your business.

Chances are you have already heard about mapping within CRM – but do you know the power maps can bring to your user? If not, you are in luck. We recently hosted a webinar on this very topic and the recording is available here.

The recording will walk you through the following:

  • Why maps are important to us
  • How maps help us to better understand data
  • How maps in CRM help users to make better business decisions

The resources necessary to ensure your business is running as smoothly as possible are at your fingertips. Reach out and grab them now to stay ahead of the curve and more importantly, your competitors.

by InfoGrow

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