As Times Change, Take Another Look at Dynamics CRM Pricing

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Wisdom sometimes finds a way to make worn-out phrases suddenly ring true. Depending on how long you’ve been walking around on this Earth, this one may or may not get a nod in agreement -- “The only constant is change.” It’s so true it’s repeated to the point of overuse, and yet, so many people in the business world forget that fact. Can you believe it was once a difficult sell to get businesses using email?

The best businesses are constantly on the lookout for new ways to work, which includes revisiting previous decisions when circumstances change. That’s why we invite you to take a look at our updated Quick Quote tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, freshly revised to reflect the pricing of Dynamics CRM 2013 and Dynamics CRM Online. Whether you’ve used it to evaluate the future of your business in the past or not, odds are the situation has changed since then.

Luckily, our online quote tool is simple, comprehensive, and fast. One of the benefits of Dynamics CRM 2013 is its approachability, and you’ll see this right away when estimating a cost of the application’s deployment. All we need to start the conversation is your preferred deployment style (on-site versus cloud) and level of ongoing post-deployment support. Of course, the whole process is a little more involved than filling out an online form, but it will at least give you an up front, up-to-date idea of what to expect.

Being up-to-date is vital, because as you’ve heard, the only constant is change. Let’s modernize the saying a bit -- how about “yesterday’s truth is tomorrow’s assumption.” Whether you’ve looked at Dynamics CRM in the past and decided it wasn’t for you or you’re contemplating switching CRM software for the first time, it’s always wise to get the most accurate and current information available.

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