Allow Your Sales Department to Strengthen Relationships with Customers and Prospects Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Does everyone on your team have the same procedure when receiving a lead, following up, and tracking opportunities? Theoretically if you have documented company procedures everyone should be interacting with customers in the same fashion. The reality is everyone has their own way of selling products, storing customer data, and recording information they think is valuable. As a result, your prospects and customers may be treated differently and respond differently depending on who they work with, as well as report different levels of customer satisfaction. Bring your team together and improve the overall experience both internally and externally to your company with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution like Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM overview
Microsoft Dynamics CRM overview





Microsoft Dynamics CRM can strengthen your sales process by allowing your team to be individuals and still follow the process you define. Each CRM user can still manage their own customer accounts, but in a more consistent and efficient way. Your team can share information about their customers and experiences, such as what phone calls have been made and what opportunities they are working on with a prospect or customer. Your team can also use Microsoft Dynamics CRM from mobile devices, allowing them to share data or respond to customer needs while on the road meeting with other prospects or customers.

By maintaining all of your customer data in a single software solution, you can:

  1. Gain insight into the trends in customer behaviors.
  2. Identify the more popular products from the products that may soon become obsolete. With this information you may adjust marketing campaigns, sales activities, and sales goals.
  3. Track your competitors to see how you perform in head-to-head deals with them.
  4. Be ready when a customer calls with a question or concern and their designated sales representative is on vacation or otherwise unavailable; another member of your sales team can quickly and easily reference customer details and respond appropriately. This prompt response opens the opportunity for future sales, as well as higher customer satisfaction.


A properly implemented CRM system can improve communication and collaboration among your sales team, which can add efficiency and consistency when dealing with customers. Please contact The TM Group today for your effective Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution at 888.482.2864. Or visit our website at and learn even more about using Dynamics CRM to strengthen your client interactions and help improve the overall customer experience.


Authored by: Andrew Glennie, TM Group CRM Technology Consultant

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