The Year Of The Customer Or The Year of Complaints?

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Social media and other online digital channels are incredible ways to communicate and educate customers about your products or services.  However, this connection also makes it easier for customers to register complaints about your products and services.  How you navigate these types of customer communications can mean the difference between gaining a new customer or losing an existing customer.

The nature of social media is to share information and experiences.  Consumers are sharing good experiences as well as bad ones, both large and small, that they have experienced with a product or company.  While complaints may initially feel like an insult, they can actually be a valuable resource that you can use to improve customer satisfaction.  However, you have to respond quickly to customers as well as use these interactions as an impetus to make changes.

There are many types of customer service management software solutions that you can use to capture customer data, including interactions online and in social media.  Microsoft Dynamics® CRM is one example of a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) solution that can also be integrated with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.  This robust solution can manage customer engagements no matter where the interaction takes place – online, on social media, from call centers, or from your own marketing and sales teams.  Listening to what is being said about your business and the products you offer, and capturing that data, is the first step to improving customer satisfaction.

By hearing what is being said about your business and products, you now have the opportunity to respond to your customers.  You can use the same social media or online sources to respond quickly to answer questions, solve problems, and turn a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied fan.  Then you can manage these interactions within a CRM solution to identify trends with customer compliments or complaints.  You may notice customers complain about your online ordering process or a product that breaks easily.  You can use this type of information to make improvements that prevent similar mistakes from repeating.

As businesses become more engaged with online and social media and ecommerce, there are many ways to reach out to prospects and consumers as well as receive the occasional complaint.  Contact Sherwood Systems for more information about using CRM to make this the year of the customer and turn complaints into praises.

By Sherwood Systems, Microsoft CRM and ERP Partner out of Arizona

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