Ten Top Tips to Ensure Your CRM Training is a Success

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You can have the best CRM system, and have implemented it without any hiccups along the way, but if your end users are not engaged with CRM then you will have a poor adoption rate and your successful CRM investment can fail at the final hurdle.

Here are our top ten tips for CRM training success.


1.  Plan ahead

What are the processes of those teams that are involved?

What roles do they do in the business (Marketing, Sales, Service, other)

Utilise a pre-training questionnaire drilling down on what the users want to get out of the training, where are they in the CRM journey and how much do they know?

2.  All Users

Plan how you will train the executives – do they need separate training?  Will they want to sit through their department’s training session?  How will they use CRM?

3.  Send an agenda

Keep the users informed.  Send a plan of the day.

4.  Send pre-reading

What are the goals of CRM, the benefits that CRM will bring to them, and the values of the company?  Make sure the users know what CRM is and how it can help them.

5.  Generate a user manual

Based on the processes, generate a CRM user manual for each team based on the processes and the best way of working.  Include screen shots.  Use video to show key strokes.

6.  Understand the level of each user

Some users may understand CRM completely and may have used it in other organisations or roles.  Others will be completely new to it and it may seem rather daunting.  Consider which users will need end user training and who may need administrator training?

7.  Get Hands On

Make sure that your users try it on the day of training,  navigating round the system, carrying out simple tasks they will need to do every day.

8.  Break the training up

It could be that there will need to be a second training session which is more advanced.

9.  Get feedback

Is there a skills gap?  How has everyone got on with the new system?

Open the lines of communication so that minor irritations don’t become huge issues.

10.  Revisit

Speak to the users  from each team  again.  What do they like about CRM?  What do they see as the barriers to success?  Are there any clear wins that CRM has provided them with?


Investing in CRM software is a fantastic way to revolutionise your business and create competitive advantage.  To get the most from your investment you must offer CRM training which will resound with each user.  Increase the rate of success of your CRM implementation by ensuring your user adoption rate is high.


by Catherine Carlyle, Caltech CRM   www.caltech.co.uk

About Caltech

Caltech CRM is a leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Caltech CRM specialises in implementing, developing, and integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM.   Caltech helps clients to grow, achieve higher rates of client satisfaction, and make their processes more efficient by designing and building a CRM solution that is aligned to their individual needs.

by Caltech CRM

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