Online2 Updates Released for Dynamics CRM 2013

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Microsoft has recently released information on a set of updates that will be published to CRM 2013 Online customers. In the past Microsoft has released these updates that fall in-between the normal numbered Update Rollups (UR) but hadn't provided external documentation surrounding the changes. Since these were largely undocumented to the public and CRM users it caused some confusion as to which update level CRM customers were actually using.  In the past, the documented build numbers for an Online instance rarely matched the published build numbers for a given UR. Even though these updates are designed to fix problems, in the event a new update breaks another piece of functionality within your CRM, having documentation on what items were involved in the update can make tracking down or ruling out a cause much easier.

This "Online2" update resolves the following issues within Dynamics CRM 2013 - Online:

  • A custom entity that has multiple "inactive" status reasons can be deactivated without prompting the user to select the appropriate status. This occurs within the form and not from within a form view.
  • Unresolved recipients removed from email form.
  • Unexpected format changes occur when you create email messages by using the email template.
  • When you use Internet Explorer 8, the related record drop-down list is missing when a record is opened.
  • When you set IME mode on an attribute on an entity to ACTIVE, the IME mode is not honored. This occurs for Single Line of Text, Multiple Lines of Text, and other attributes that are bound to input elements or text area elements.
  • If you have a field set by using the "Phone" format setting, the field appears as a dialable phone number in the contact card. If you created a solution prior to CRM 2013 that had a field marked as "phone," the field was marked as "text" when the solution was imported into a 2013 organization.

This update is scheduled to be completed globally by January 31, 2014. To verify whether your organization has had this update applied, check your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online version number. Click on the gear icon in the upper-right corner, and then click About. The original KB article can be found here:

Blog Post by Jason Lattimer
Dynamics CRM Development Consultant at Ledgeview Partners
Product Evangelist & Dynamics CRM MVP

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