New White Paper Proves the Business Value of Mobile CRM

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Is Mobile CRM more than just a convenience, can it really make a difference to the bottom line of your business? Eighty nine percent of executives say that mobile devices will be most important for their company’s success within the next three years. But those are just numbers, what about real companies like yours. What specific scenarios show the value of implementing mobile CRM?  A panel of fourteen CRM software experts contributed real life experience from the field into a new white paper, "Why Go Mobile?  Six Strategic Objectives You Can Conquer With Mobile CRM", to prove the business value of mobile CRM.

This white paper shows specifically how companies are using mobile CRM to:

  • Increase average sale by 20%
  • Lower cost of sales by 15%
  • Reduce billing lag time by 30%
  • Achieve 90% key field completion in customer records
  • Increase average number of sales calls per week by 15%
  • Deliver 100% realtime data to managers.

The examples provided come from the healthcare, manufacturing, professional services, distribution, banking and not for profit industries. And the facts are supported by statistics from Nucleus Research, Aberdeen Group and 

It is not just about supporting your customers, it is about empowering (and retaining) your mobile workforce. Let's face it, mobile CRM is more than a competitive advantage, it is becoming the required way to run a business. 

You can download the free white paper, Why Go Mobile?  Six Strategic Objectives You Can Conquer With Mobile CRM, at as a PDF or an audio MP3 file to listen to on your favorite mobile device.

For those of you that are more visually inclined, check out the related infographic,  “6 Strategic Advantages of Mobile CRM” available at .

This is one white paper that can give you specific ideas that will impact your business, and your mobile workforce, immediately. Be ready for "anywhere, anytime, any-device".

By CRM Software Blog Editors,

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