My Favorite Reasons to Choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online over

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As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant, my passion is to help organizations leverage the power of Dynamics CRM to drive their competiveness. However, I often come across clients who are deciding between and Dynamics CRM. Even though has built an impressive application and has captured a large portion of the market since its inception in 1999, Dynamics CRM is arguably the superior product.

Here are my favorite reasons for choosing Dynamics CRM over

1)     Lower Costs and Licensing Fees – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Online is almost 50% less expensive than for equivalent functionality.

2)     Higher Company Adoption Rate and Easy-to-Use Interface – Let’s face it, sales folks loath tracking their leads and prospects. Top sales people are wired to establish new relationships, demonstrate the value of what they are selling, and close deals – not to perform administrative duties.

If they perform those duties at all it’s often while they are eating lunch, talking on their cell phone, getting a shoe shine, or driving to the airport to fly to their next presentation! <Whew!> With this being the case, why would we want to increase their resistance to adopt a CRM solution by forcing them to use an interface so completely different from the tools they use every day? Microsoft gets it – users are comfortable and productive with the Microsoft Office suite which leads us to…

3)     Simple and Deep CRM Integration with Microsoft Outlook – Microsoft Outlook is the business world’s de facto standard personal information manager which most sales people count on to maintain their calendar. does not integrate with Outlook like Dynamics CRM does. Virtually every bit of functionality offered by Dynamics CRM is available from right within Outlook.

 4)     Mobile Device Support is included with Dynamics CRM 2013 – It’s true that Dynamics was late to the game regarding full mobile device support.  This problem has been addressed with Dynamics CRM 2013. Dynamics CRM 2013 supports Android, iPhone, and, of course, Windows phones. There is also an iPad app if you prefer it over a Windows tablet. Full mobile device support is included – no additional licenses to purchase or software to buy.

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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Reasons to Choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online over”

  1. Hi David, sorry that you have personally had a bad experience with your company's CRM application. Have you been able to discuss your frustrations with your company's CRM administrator? Perhaps they would be able to provide you with some personal training and/or set you up with some classroom or online training as well?

    I can honestly tell you that there are thousands of salespeople and other company employees across the country and even the world who are successfully utilizing CRM in their business. They enjoy the convenience of having information about customers, leads, potential customers, vendors, partners, etc. right at their fingertips. And the ability to run reports and analyze data to make results transparent to everyone. There is so much functionality that I would not be able to do it justice and cover it all in this blog.

    Please contact your company's CRM administrator to explain your difficulties - they will be able to show you how different features work or point you to training that will help you immensely.

    I hope this helps and I wish you the best.

  2. My company decided to go with CRM as they wanted to alienate and annoy every single member of staff. They wanted to massively reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of their support desk. They wanted to make it so confusing that their sales staff were no longer able to do their job effectively.

    Do you want to piss off EVERYONE in your company? Choose CRM today!

    Seriously, that may sound like I am being sarcastic. But I really am not. It is an awful product that not one person in our company has anything positive to say about. Truly terrible product. Unusable. Designed by a graphics designer not by someone who has every completed a sale, or worked on a support case.

    Impossible to navigate. Even when you start to get your head around navigating it, you still spend twice as long logging issues. If you want to edit/add lines to a quote or order you have to add lines one at a time. Close the window to save you one change. Then open it again to make the next...why? If you don't then all your changes get lost.

    If you start typing immediately in a form you will get cut off halfway through typing as the page reloads. why do all the pages reload a couple of seconds after first loading? Why do the fields not dynamically search properly? Start typing a contacts name in relation to anything and any one with that name, whether part of that customers company or not, will start to display. And that's when it works. Open up the window to select an engineer and you have to tick the box, then add, then save. Efficient. If you click on the engineers name it opens up a window about the engineer. Intuitive.

    How do you get away with making products worse? I mean, it was bad already (CRM 2011), now it is just awful (CRM 2013).

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