Dynamics Mapping for Targeted Campaigns

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InfoGrow just released an overview video on CRM Market Builder, a tool that no Dynamics CRM marketer or sales manager should be without.

CRM Market Builder was designed for marketers, sales managers, recruiters, and service managers. It is the complete, fully integrated, intuitive Dynamics CRM mapping analysis tool. It simplifies data understanding, using maps to provide users quick insight into CRM data for taking action.

CRM Market Builder allows marketers to visualize targeted sales campaigns and to build campaigns from any CRM data criteria. Visualizing CRM data leads to better understanding of data relationships, which is an important step in providing the user the knowledge necessary for making better sales and marketing decisions. Built upon Bing Maps, CRM Market Builder extends the power of the Dynamics CRM Advanced Find feature with mapping for expanded insight.

With CRM Market Builder it is easy to create more-powerful marketing campaigns because it allows for a better understanding of market share and potential for any geographic area. With this insight, data can be more-effectively segmented for assignment and territory development.

Our overview video provides a real-life example of how one could quickly create a targeted campaign using CRM Market Builder. To see how CRM Market Builder can transform your marketing efforts, watch the video.

If you would like to accelerate your growth through better sales and marketing decisions, call me at 800-897-9807 X 224.

by Bob Sullivan, InfoGrow

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