Turn On The Light With Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Do you know what your sales and marketing teams are up to at the moment?  You may have had a hand in the most recent marketing campaign, but do you know whether it generated the results that you had anticipated?  Sometimes these activities leave you feeling a little in the dark.  Turn on the light and get the visibility you need to get the results you want by using a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

While you could set up a weekly meeting with your marketing team and another with your sales team, you’d probably end up spending more time in meetings than on managing sales and marketing activities.  Then after the meetings are over, you are right back in the dark, left wondering if your team was successful with their efforts.  Build better collaboration and communication, with fewer meetings, by adding technology to your team.  You can monitor what your team is doing, as well as whether they are successful, by using a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.

Your marketing team can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to create and execute marketing campaigns using the prospect and customer information you have in the system.  After the campaigns are released, you can track leads generated, the number of leads that turn to sales, as well as the profits and expenses related to those activities.  The sales team can manage customers using the same data from the same solution.  In a few clicks, they can call up historical sales data and contact customers to inquire about replenishment orders or offer products similar to what they typically order to boost cross-sales and up-sales.  Finally, from the convenience of your own desk (or smartphone in many cases), you can follow key metrics to ensure that marketing and sales activities are on par with strategic goals.  Monitor proposed versus actual budgets to make sure marketing efforts don’t exceed anticipated costs.  You can also monitor sales figures by customer, product, region, and time period.  You can keep tabs on a specific customer interaction from initial contact, proposal and contract approval, purchase, receipt of goods or services, and follow-up activities. 

Save time from attending endless meetings and get closer to your sales and marketing data by using today’s innovative business management solutions.  Contact Sherwood Systems for more information about using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to turn on the light and get greater visibility with your sales and marketing efforts.

By Sherwood Systems, Microsoft CRM Partner out of Arizona

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  1. Thanks for sharing an informative article, Ed. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you monitor your team's effort and success. It can help you analyze the result and can change the strategies. It reduces your meeting time and you can have more time to work. You can also monitor how satisfied your customers are.

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