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There is a lot of chatter that you can listen to from prospects and customers in the wide world of social media.  The trick is turning information in data you can use and tapping into those conversations that can win the trust and loyalty of new and repeat customers.  The world of social media may be vast, but you can enter that world with the right technology.         

Getting into social marketing, like any other marketing campaign, requires planning.  You don’t want to jump feet first into the vast world of social media unless you know how to maneuver through the different channels, interact with prospects and customers, and measure the results.  A great place to start any marketing drive is with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, like Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.  This solution will help you with the nuts and bolts of all marketing efforts, as well as provide measureable results so you know what efforts yielded the results you were looking for, and which efforts may need some fine-tuning.  This solution connects your marketing and sales teams, as well as shares data with the rest of your business through your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.    

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is can also be integrated with Yammer, a popular business social network., This powerful business solution provides even greater control over your social media marketing efforts and the impact that it has on your customers.  Together, these solutions will help you listen to what your customers are saying, connect with prospects and customers, and engage with your target groups.  As you are working within various social platforms, you can learn what is being said about your products or services and the impact of your marketing activities.  You can capture this data and analyze it for trends that you can use to improve your products, educate or share promotions with your audience, and determine the value of your social media activities.

The world of social media is vast and it is constantly changing.  Make sure that your time spent with social media is worth the effort and that it is generating the results you want by monitoring your activities with the right technology.  Contact Sherwood Systems for guidance with choosing the right business solutions for your social media marketing goals.

By Sherwood Systems, Microsoft CRM Partner out of Arizona

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