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What most people in marketing like to know, is if their campaign is successful and reaching the people they intended it for.

For a marketing campaign, the most useful information you can track is what you do throughout the campaign, how much it costs, and the response you get. CRM can help do just that on a long term scale and a short term scale using the Marketing Campaign or the Quick Campaign Feature.

The marketing campaign feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 represents a marketing effort over a period of time while quick campaigns represent one specific marketing effort in one given instance. With both you can create activities, marketing lists, and view campaign responses but there are some differences between the two.

With marketing campaigns, the user can distribute multiple activities, consult built-in reports for analysis and save campaigns as templates for future use. It is also easy to track financial information, ROI, create planning activities, and associate target products and price lists. Dynamics CRM tracks the cost of the marketing campaign so you know exactly how much you are putting into your campaign.When an activity is created,  the cost can be entered into the system. Each time this is done CRM automatically updates the total cost so you are able to compare it to the allocated or estimated budget.

The Marketing Campaigns feature allows you to create a template out of the campaign you have created. This translates into less work and ensures that future, similar campaigns can use the same information  such as marketing lists, targets, products, price lists, etc. The ability to track a campaign's success in terms of reach, timing and activities goes a long way towards reaching your marketing goals.

by AKA Enterprise Solutions

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