Is an Integrated Marketing Automation and CRM System Right for You?

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Marketing Automation software serves a company's marketing department beyond what a CRM system does, and a CRM system serves sales and other departments. When integrated, Marketing Automation and CRM tools enhance each other, resulting in even more and better-qualified leads and, ultimately, more sales and satisfied customers. If you have one of these productivity tools, here are reasons to have both, in a single, centrally located, easy to use, integrated system.

Marketing Automation is software and processes that nurture leads and convert prospects into highly satisfied customers. By tracking leads from click to close, Marketing Automation allows sales reps to use their time more effectively. With customer intelligence, reps know what content each lead has viewed and actions taken so they are better prepared when meeting prospects and customers.

Marketing Automation allows marketing and sales departments to decrease costs and increase profits by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, measuring marketing activities, and maximizing marketing and sales efficiencies.

Marketing Automation Benefits:

  1. Streamlined inbound and email marketing process from campaign start to finish
  2. Increased cross-channel communications
  3. Nurtured leads through desired stages with highly targeted drip emails
  4. Less cold calling and less wasted time on unqualified leads
  5. Lower sales-and-marketing costs and increase ROI
  6. Shorter sales cycles with larger sale
  7. More sales reps meeting quotas
  8. Stronger relationship with customers

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a centrally located system that manages data, information, and business intelligence about prospects and customers, such as leads, contacts, accounts, and sales activities. CRM combines processes, technologies, and people to help them better understand their customers. CRM provides the right information at the right place and at the right time for informed business decisions.

With this well-managed system, a customer database becomes a greater strategic asset that yields increased revenue and profit with lower costs. Everyone involved with the sale of a company's products gains more value from a CRM system. Sales, marketing, and customer service can all work together and be on the same page with the customer – helping to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

CRM Benefits:

  1. Increased profitability and reduced costs through more efficient operations
  2. More effective targeted campaigns via better customer profiling
  3. Improved closing rates
  4. Increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, sales, and retention
  5. Boosted market share
  6. Streamlined marketing and sales processes
  7. Taking advantage of expanding and developing markets
  8. Up-selling and cross-selling
  9. Responding more quickly to customer requests
  10. Adapting to regulatory requirements more easily

An integrated Marketing Automation and CRM system brings marketing and sales closer together. Working with the same combination tool, the two departments can more easily and more productively find and keep satisfied customers.

Integrated Marketing Automation and CRM Benefits:

  1. Accelerated informed data-based decision making
  2. Marketing, sales, and customer service teams are on the same page
  3. Less chance for something to slip through the cracks
  4. Improved lead generation and lead qualification
  5. High-performing sales reps can be cloned to turn low performers into high performers
  6. Sales easily tracked back to marketing campaigns
  7. The value of a customer is known for the entire period he or she is a customer
  8. Sales rep's call frequencies adjusted for the most profitable prospects and customers
  9. Determine potential future profits from existing customers
  10. Know more about what's happening with prospects and customers, and respond quickly
  11. With this all-in-one combination of two tools, gain a powerful advantage over competitors
  12. Replace marketers' and sales reps' thoughts and hunches with more meaningful intelligence, actionable insights, and best-practices examples

I would like to tell you more about Marketing Automation and CRM and how they can work together to achieve mind-boggling results.

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2 thoughts on “Is an Integrated Marketing Automation and CRM System Right for You?”

  1. I have been looking for this kind of solution since a long time. Last year we got a CRM and it really helped managing my clients more efficiently. But I think this marketing automation software will my team further to manage everything with perfection.

    1. Brian, I am so glad that you found our blog post useful! If you have any questions about choosing a Marketing Automation Software or pairing it with your existing CRM, please feel free to contact me -- 330-929-1353 x 224 I am more than happy to help. Have a great weekend.

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