Importing Contacts into Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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There’s nothing worse than getting a new cell phone and finding out they can’t transfer your contacts from your old phone. Spending hours entering names, phone numbers, pictures, and addresses is not my idea of a good time. Now imagine that on a larger scale when you implement a new Customer Relationship Management software. Without a data transfer, it could be a full-time job just entering information into your new system.

That’s the nice thing about Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can import your contacts’ information straight from spreadsheets or even Outlook so you don’t have to spend time on dreaded data entry. Right on the front page of CRM you’ll find an import data option.

crm import data

From there you simply upload an XML spreadsheet, .csv, .txt or .zip file with your information. You then have the ability to choose where your information goes, what exactly is imported and how it should be labeled or grouped.

Once your system is up and running, this feature comes in handy when you utilize the marketing features in CRM. For example, I recently received an Excel list of new chamber members. I was able to upload that information into a marketing list so I could track the mailer I sent out welcoming them to the group.

Hopefully next time I get a new cell phone, the process will be as easy as importing contacts into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

by DFC Consultants

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