Eliminate Duplicate Data by Going Mobile with CRM

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There is a lot of talk about how important it is to implement mobile solutions for your business.  What types of information can be viewed, edited, updated, etc. on a mobile device?  How does this relate to your business?  There are 5 reasons why your organization should GO MOBILE and here is one reason:


Eliminate Duplicate Data! 

How many times are you having to enter in data after it’s initially captured?   What is pending while this data is waiting to be "put in the system"?  Payment?  Documenting a happy customer?  Next phase in a sales cycle?  The time, labor, and potential for errors will dramatically decrease when data is captured at the source.  Go mobile with CRM and eliminate duplicate data!

Need more reasons to GO MOBILE?  Read 5 Reasons Your Business Needs to GO MOBILE.

I’m sure you are thinking that in order to get a mobile app specific to your unique business, one will need to be developed from scratch and that it will take months.  And what about security?  With our proven technology and dedicated team, you can have a beta version of just about any mobile app in 10 days or less! Let us show you how going mobile will positively benefit your organization.  Give us a call today – 205.408.9991.  Or contact us via our web form.  Give your team the opportunity to work smarter – GO MOBILE!

2B Solutions, Inc. specializes in Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM), iOS development, and mobile applications that give organizations the ability to respond to their customers and critical events from anywhere.  Dynamics CRM offerings include deployment and customizations for businesses of all sizes in industries of finance, health services, education, retail, distribution, warehousing, government and more. 2B Solutions is a certified Microsoft Partner and certified Apple Consultant.

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