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Dynamics Café Online Webcasts Provide Live Access to CRM Experts

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Do you have questions about Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Do you want to know how you can make your CRM investment pay off over the years? Do you need help implementing your CRM system more effectively? You should probably ask the experts, and Microsoft's Dynamics Café is a platform that provides live and on demand webcasts that feature many of those experts.

 Café TV Q&A is a question and answering session that allows members to tap into the wellspring of knowledge found in Dynamics experts such as Jeff Simmons, Microsoft CRM Success Manager, Tim Thorpe, Director of Global Marketing and Communications at Black & Veatch and Barb Giamanco, President of Social Centered Selling. If you cannot catch the live webcast, Microsoft makes each of them available on demand on You can also watch snippets of the conversations on the Dynamics Café YouTube Channel after airing.

 You can watch both Café TV Prime Time and Café TV Q&A on the website, which is free to use for its members, and membership itself is free. The site also features "The Experts' Corner" blog and "Industry Insights" blog, both of which feature premium-quality content from knowledgeable sources within and outside Microsoft on topics related to Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM products.

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