A Few of Our Favorite CRM Things; Looking Back at Customer Effective's 12 Days of CRMas

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This month, we took a look at our favorite features of Microsoft Dynamics 2013 in our 12 Days of CRMas feature.  Below are some quick links to the series.

Day 1: Streamlined Navigation in Dynamics 2013  Navigation basics, changing colors in the nav bar, record navigation changes, Outlook navigation changes

Day 2: The Social Pane is the Life of the Party! Yammer and activity feeds, quick create activity records, inline notes.

Day 3: New Bing Maps Integration. Getting a developer license for on-premises installation, extended functionality.

Day 4: Access Teams and Eggnog Enable access teams, difference between business units, ownership teams and access teams.

Day 5: Oh CRM, Oh CRM, You Make Me More Productive. Enable and disable Auto Save, using and creating quick view forms.

Day 6: Multi-Entity Process Flow and the Domino’s Pizza Tracker App.  Understanding, setting-up a multi-entity process flow.

Day 7: People Pictures. Image data types, ootb images and enabling other entities.

Day 8: Configured Navigation in 2013 Configuring the new UI using commonly available tools.

Day 9: New Dynamics CRM Phone Apps Microsoft created phone apps for Windows Phone, Andriod and Iphone, accessing without the app via mobile browser.

Day 10: Business Rules Make the Nice List Creating business rules, setting conditions, hiding fields, what this tool can’t do (yet)

Day 11: Santa’s Dynamics CRMas Helpers Great go-to resources for CRM professionals, including links to Dynamics Labs, Codeplex, MVP’s, Product Team and other CRM Blogs.

Day 12: Unwrapping the Tablet Apps Downloading, installing and configuring the Dynamics 2013 Tablet Apps.  When do you need something more custom?

by Customer Effective

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