Video Interview: eOne Solutions On A Smart Way to Connect Dynamics CRM with Dynamics GP

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At the recent eXtremeCRM event I had the chance to speak with CRM Software Blog contributor Abbey Cooper, from eOne Solutions, a leading add on solution provider for both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Take a look at the short video interview to learn more about the benefits of SmartConnect and a few of the customers who use it.

Video Transcription:

“I’m Abby Cooper with eOne Solutions and I’m happy to share a little bit about our company and about our products with you today. We have a number of products that work in the (Dynamics) CRM and the (Dynamics) GP space. The product to share with you today, since we’re at eXtremeCRM, is a product called SmartConnect.  That allows you to bring information from any outside data source into CRM, or if you wanted to, into GP. You could pass that information back and forth using SmartConnect.  You could automate transactions if you wanted to and do CRM real time integrations. And you could also export out.

I also wanted to share a couple stories with you.  One is about a customer called Industrial Air Senders and they used SmartConnect for their GP and CRM integrations.  They use it for their Excel integration as well, where they’re bringing information into GP and CRM. They also write to Extender and Wennsoft fields and they use SmartConnect to do the whole thing.  Now, they had originally started with Scribe and ended up replacing that with SmartConnect and saved a lot of money doing that.

Another thing to share with you is just the fact that we, as an ISV (Integrated Software Vendor), use our own products.  All of the products that we have we use in-house and SmartConnect is one of them.  So we actually integrate from our web site into both CRM and GP and we have automations that fire on the back side of some of those integrations as well. So as they say, we “eat our own dog food” so to speak.

I’d be happy to share more customer stories with you or dive deeper into some of our reporting products, our integration products, and some of our configuration products.

Visit our web site which is or you can email me at”

By Anya Ciecierski, CRM Software Blog Editor,

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