Video Interview: Business Rules Without Custom Code for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

At eXtremeCRM I enjoyed meeting the team from InRule Technologies. They describe themselves as “The Premier .NET Business Rule Solution for the Microsoft Platform”.  And while they work with other products such as Microsoft Azure and SharePoint, at this event they were discussing their integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.   The team attempted to take a complex solution and describe it to me in simple terms. Which is appropriate since their product uses complex calculations and allows end users to set up business rules in a simple way without code.

Watch the short video interview:

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Video Transcription:

My name is Michael Bonner with InRule Technology. I’m going to talk a little bit about the benefits of using InRule IRX for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

InRule enables end users to leverage their business logic without use of code.  The benefits for InRule users is that you can do complex calculations without the need for Java Script and you have the ability to maintain complex rules without code. That really benefits end users in being able to leverage their business analysts as opposed to their programmers to manage the business logic that the subject matter experts tend to own.

InRule is Microsoft Dynamics CfMD certified and in a recent InRule user community study we found that our average end user realizes savings upwards of about a half a million dollars per installation.

Some of the customers that we work with using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and InRule include the State of Michigan for the Department of Corrections, the State of Mississippi for DMV applications.  In Montana, InRule and Microsoft Dynamics CRM are being leveraged in the Department of Education.

To learn more, please visit and to visit the study I mentioned please visit .

By Anya Ciecierski, CRM Software Blog Editor,


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