Rev Up AUM and Future Growth Targets with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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In the Asset Management arena, investment offerings continue to evolve and increase perpetually. As a result, financial advisors are coveting more support from fund wholesalers, while institutional investors and regulators are demanding more transparency on portfolio holdings and fees and expenses. The current bull market can only go on for so long. Going forward, the investment management firms that stand out from the pack will be the ones that not only have superior investment performance and a differentiated portfolio construction strategy, but also deliver an elevated level of service to existing and prospective financial intermediaries, consultants, and investors. In particular, the Retail fund wholesalers that will be the most successful at securing and sustaining competitive advantage in their respective regions will be the ones who have the most pre-branch visit insights on advisor sales trends and who are most efficient at scheduling and tracking post-call follow-ups.

Asset Management firms looking to exceed financial advisor and investor expectations in route to aggressively boosting AUM should consider investing in the Capital Markets industry-tailored CRM solution from Customer Effective, the four-time defending Microsoft Dynamics CRM East Region Partner of the Year and the U.S. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Financial Services Partner of the Year in 2013. Our Asset Management data model, KPI reporting, and workflow accelerators help increase user adoption with your external and internal fund wholesalers and lower your total cost of ownership.

With CRM, wholesalers will be far more informed, productive, and ready to listen, consult, and sell more effectively throughout their territory. For instance, CRM’s advisor profile will enable wholesalers to track key information, such as recent and historical sales/AUM results with your firm, top other mutual fund families used, preferred investment vehicles (i.e. funds vs. SMAs vs. ETFs vs. annuities), fees vs. commissions, load vs. no load business, market kit order history, industry designations, and ideal customer/market niche. Moreover, CRM’s filtered views and alerts allow wholesalers to quickly identify reps with first time sales and branches in need of more frequent visits. Plus, CRM definitely makes it easier for wholesalers to analyze, dissect, segment, and target more top producers.

All in all, CRM’s comprehensive knowledge repository will make wholesalers more productive and better position them to provide more valuable, actionable practice management tips and more appropriate, timely fund recommendations. No longer will they have to worry about coming across as unprepared, unprofessional, or out of touch with their client base or market trends. No longer will they be forced to rely on inaccurate, outdated sales results. No longer will they struggle and spend way too much time coordinating and trying to set up meetings that lead to missed sales opportunities and canceled appointments. The end result with CRM will be better territory coverage, a higher level of service, and more fund inflows.

To receive additional info on how Customer Effective and Microsoft Dynamics CRM can empower your wholesaling teams to reach more top-producers, schedule more efficient follow-ups, and grow AUM, please contact us.

by Customer Effective

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