Ramp up Employee Engagement with Dynamics CRM and Boost Company Performance

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Gallup recently released its annual report on trends in the U.S. working population with a particular emphasis on employee engagement. Entitled “State of the American Workplace: Employee Engagement Insights for U.S. Business Leaders”, the report highlights that, in order to have engaged customers, companies first must engage their employees. According to Gallup, this is proving to be extremely challenging in corporate America, as findings from the report reveal that:

  • Employee disengagement is estimated to cost American businesses between $450 to $550 billion per year.
  • 70% of the American workforce considers themselves to be disengaged – such apathetic employees negatively influence co-workers and damage client relationships to destroy company performance.
    • Disconnected, underperforming firms in the bottom quartile of employee engagement severely lag their more actively engaged top quartile peers as they experience:
      • 22% lower profitability
      • 21% lower productivity
      • 10% lower customer satisfaction
      • 41% higher defects
      • 25% higher employee turnover

To overcome employee disengagement and improve financial and business results, elite firms are choosing to equip their staff with superior CRM technology, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Serving as the centralized data hub, knowledge repository, and business intelligence tool of the organization, CRM provides a clear, comprehensive picture of client, prospect, and partner relationships for all employees, regardless of their role in the front, middle, or back office.

Furthermore, CRM empowers all employees to harness the necessary insights to foster more efficient information sharing and more effective decision making in order to exceed client expectations and deliver optimal levels of service. With CRM, administrative search time and costs are reduced, as employees know where to go to get answers. Plus, no one wants to be known as the guy whose missing key client interaction notation resulted in the sales team being unprepared in route to botching a huge deal. Therefore, employees develop a greater sense of ownership, pride, and accountability in updating CRM and leveraging it as a productivity and performance enhancer.

As employees become more engaged with CRM, customers will certainly begin to notice the elevation in client service levels. In particular, customers will notice how the employees they interact with are much more focused, committed, and responsive compared to the competition. In a nutshell, a more engaged workforce at all customer touchpoints leads to a more engaged, loyal client base that is more likely to make repeat purchases, promote the firm’s brand in the marketplace, and actively send referrals to significantly grow revenues.

by Customer Effective

If you are a firm looking to transform your workplace and customer experience with the help of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, then Customer Effective is here to help. Please contact us to hear how we can help your firm keep your employees more engaged and focused to lessen your amount of missed opportunities.

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