Microsoft Dynamics CRM Provides Strongest Reporting and Streamlines Processes for This Membership-Driven Organization

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A large international and professional organization, which is a skillfully facilitated and private advisory group for CEOs, other C-suite executives, and business owners, was rapidly outgrowing ACT, its current customer relationship management software. With “advisory board” peer group meetings, private one-to-one mentoring sessions, expert speaker workshops, and a global members-only online network, this organization needed to shift to the robust platform that only Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers. The organization was referred to The TM Group by a trusted partner of ours that recognized the need for a reputable Microsoft Dynamics Partner.

The challenges were many. Several of the monthly reports for the 13 to 16 membership-based group “counts” were being generated manually with pivot-tabled Excel spreadsheets that were complicated and awkward to work with. Some of these reports took days to compile. The organization needed to gauge KPI goals based on correct membership information, which included information on new additions to certain groups, who had dropped out, and why they dropped out. They needed the stronger analytical reporting—and its informative dashboard views—offered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM in order to gain better metrics and strong statistical graphs.

The organization now depends on Microsoft Dynamics CRM for its sales team’s accountability. The capacity to track leads, opportunities and sales within the pipeline of the sales stage is paramount. When the sales opportunity closes, that member is added to a specific group. The management team, chairpersons and board members now receive important sales pipeline reports that are quick and easy to generate.

Another challenge was the organization’s need for sharper e-marketing. It had been using another marketing email automation tool but switched to Click Dimensions because it works natively within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Now trigger actions can be set based on email marketing activities and campaigns, and monitoring email click-through rates allows for more effective follow-ups to marketing campaigns. Web forensics and lead scoring are definite assets too, and workflow processes are continuously created in CRM, maximizing marketing automation results.

The TM Group has hundreds of satisfied clients that are successfully using Microsoft Dynamics CRM after seamless, unified implementations. Isn’t it time for your organization to begin automating your CRM processes and building multiple opportunities for your busy sales executives? End this year strong with reporting capabilities tailored to your needs, allowing you to make better decisions that give you superior results. Call The TM Group today at 888.482.2864, or visit our refreshed website for more details:


Submitted by: Kelly Rose and Jennifer Swiderski - The TM Group, Inc.

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