Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Solver BI360: Leveraging Solutions to Streamline Success

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Many companies today need Business Intelligence tools that are extremely user friendly and effective. The TM Group and our clients have had terrific success with BI360 from Solver, one of our trusted partners and ISVs (independent software vendors). BI360 is an innovative and unique solution for reporting, budgeting, dashboards, data warehouse, and collaboration.

The BI360 Collaboration tool offers a fundamental shift in the way enterprises can analyze, discuss, and make decisions about their business. With Collaboration, your team can now interact with anyone in your organization, at any time, in any location, to mutually drive productivity and performance in all areas of your business. How much time today do people in your organization spend setting up and attending in-person meetings, searching for data in endless email trails, trying to recall conversations, and aligning resources and expertise? With Collaboration, you’ll spend more time analyzing the information that drives your business and less time on the things that slow it down.

  • To ensure that exact information reaches the right people, so they may make decisions based on accurate information, the Collaboration Dialogue feature encourages creative discussions and commentary across locations, departments, functions, projects, resources, and even devices. Team members can participate in open dialogue, resolve issues faster, and drastically improve efficiencies in an inclusive, collaborative manner.
  • Finding the correct people to help resolve business issues hasn’t always been easy, but with Collaboration’s powerful Profile tool, it is quick and simple. You can search for and review employees’ profiles to see whether their expertise aligns with your needs and to find associated information that may connect you to additional key resources. You can even “follow” experts who share information of interest to you. Aligning people, discussions, projects, and tasks, which used to take days or weeks, now takes a matter of seconds.
  • With the BI360 Social Report Library, you can read and comment on reports through unified books that combine reports from any number of your organization’s reporting and BI tools, including BI360, SQL Reporting Services, and more. More important, you can locate reports by exploring timelines and searching the report library, and then review new or historical discussions associated with those reports. And because the discussions and timelines can be tied in with your company’s strategic plans, it’s a powerful tool to help ensure that your current results are aligning with the overall business strategy.
  • The BI360 Collaboration Portal provides an out-of-the box dashboard that lets you monitor all the activities that are important to you: groups and discussions you subscribe to, tasks and workflows that are assigned to you, the hottest topics in the company—all on a single screen. Your dashboard also allows you to join new groups, add comments to ongoing discussions, and update your profile. It provides a global view of all your critical information streams in one place—how you want it, where you want it.


Would you like to learn even more about how The TM Group can implement and integrate Solver BI360 and make it a reality within your Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP platforms? Now is the time to get the most with Business Intelligence tools featuring the ultimate web and Microsoft Excel-Based reporting and planning tools for Microsoft Dynamics and put your company on the fast track to success! Please register and review our recorded Solver BI360 webinar from September 17, 2013.  Contact The TM Group today at 888.482.2864 for more information and details, or visit our website at


Submitted by: Jennifer Swiderski, Marketing Manager – The TM Group Inc., in collaboration with Tracy Rich, VP Business Development – Solver USA/BI360 Solutions


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