Inventory and Warehouse Management for Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Infographic

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A question we hear more and more is this:  "Can we manage our inventory in CRM?"  And the answer is YESWIMS 4 CRM is Warehouse and Inventory Management for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Microsoft CRM is highly customizable - add custom entities, link them with new or existing entities and automate processes and data.  This gives you the ability to manage and automate many manual processes and tasks related to inventory.  This might include inventory ordering, warehouse picking, kits, pricing, shipping, cycle counts, barcode scanning, e-commerce, accounting integration and more!  Check out how we've customized CRM to help organizations such as Purdue University, and AMSTI with their inventory and warehouse management.


WIMS 4 CRM - Warehouse Inventory Management for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

If you are in the market for a new CRM solution or interested adding inventory or warehouse management to your existing CRM installation, we'd love to talk.  Contact us via our website or call 205-408-9991.  As experts in mobility solutions as well as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we understand your challenges and can suggest practical solutions. We will help you achieve your strategic objectives faster…and may even help you add a few more achievements to the list.

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  1. Great article - Thanks for sharing! I’ve recently come across a sales order app which turned out to be extremely useful for addressing the inventory ordering requirements of our mobile sales team. The application is fairly easy to use out-of-the-box with little customization required, and it's integrated within most major ERP's.

    Try it:


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